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Estate and inheritance taxes and revocable trusts in Florida

I’ve discussed elsewhere why I don’t think revocable trusts are a good vehicle for avoiding probate in Florida. Why Revocable Living Trusts usually won’t avoid Probate in Florida And, as I’ve noted, Florida does not have estate or inheritance taxes, … Continue reading

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Living Trust Costs and Fees

I’ve been reviewing an estate and trust accounting prepared by another attorney, and in doing so, it occurs to me that I have not discussed trust administration fees in Florida. One of the supposed advantages of a living trust is … Continue reading

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What if someone who died out of state owned property in Florida?

A lot of people who do not live in Florida own property in Florida. Sometimes it is a vacant lot bought in anticipation of building a home when they retire; sometimes it is an actual house or mobile home or … Continue reading

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Liability of a revocable trust for estate debts in Florida

There is some confusion out there regarding revocable trusts in Florida; for some reason some clients think that a revocable trust will not have to pay money owed by the person who died. This is incorrect.  Florida makes revocable trusts … Continue reading

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Why revocable living trusts usually won’t avoid probate in Florida

At least a couple of times a week, I get phone calls from potential clients; asking about living trusts, revocable trusts, and avoiding probate. Sometimes clients want me to review an existing revocable trust, sometimes they want me to draft … Continue reading

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