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Doma and taxes

Here’s a link to blog by a tax lawyer; discussing the implications of DOMA and state taxes; Prop 8, DOMA, Taxes, and You Florida does not have a state income tax; nonetheless we do have a number of people with … Continue reading

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DOMA and what it means for Florida Residents

First, the Supreme Court has handed down a decision today dealing with the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, here: United States v. Windsor In plain language, it says that IF a state has recognized Same Sex Marriage, between two men … Continue reading

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The importance of updating your estate plan after a divorce.

Frequently, couples will name each other as beneficiaries of life insurance, annuities, bank accounts, CD’s, and retirement plans. Sometimes, though, when they get divorced the ex spouse forgets to remove the other ex spouse from the insurance, the bank account, … Continue reading

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