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Terminating rental agreements and Evictions for violations of rules and leases

I just had an eviction hearing.   I represented the landlord, who was trying to evict a tenant for non payment of rent, and also to evict the tenant for not following the lease and the rules of the mobile home … Continue reading

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Mobile homes, manufactured homes, modular homes, and mobile home parks in Florida

I do realize, not everyone can afford, or even necessarily wants, a full sized 3 bedroom 3 bath Ranch home in The Villages.  One popular option is a mobile home.   There are some technical differences between a Mobile Home … Continue reading

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Why a Landlord might be better off without a written lease

Normally, I encourage people to use written contracts for legal matters; some transactions, in fact, are unenforceable without written contracts; such as agreements for sale of property, and sales of goods for more than $500. In most circumstances, written contracts … Continue reading

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What if someone who died out of state owned property in Florida?

A lot of people who do not live in Florida own property in Florida. Sometimes it is a vacant lot bought in anticipation of building a home when they retire; sometimes it is an actual house or mobile home or … Continue reading

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Things to know about Florida Homeowners Insurance

If you have moved to, or are moving to Florida and buying a home, there are certain things you need to consider about homeowners insurance. Florida’s insurance commissioner discusses many of these issues here: Homeowners Insurance Overview Including mold coverage, … Continue reading

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Real Estate Closings in Florida

The Villages is ever expanding, and is still selling new homes at an incredible rate. And of course as retirees die, or move out of The Villages, those homes come onto the market. And, very frequently, those houses are being … Continue reading

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How to “Undo” a Deed

Sometimes a person will make a deed and transfer ownership of property to a family member. This is usually in a misguided attempt to do some ‘estate planning’; instead of talking to a lawyer about their options, the person simply … Continue reading

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What if my Husband left the house to his children?

One issue that comes up occasionally is where a spouse, usually a husband, owns a house by themselves and their will tries to leave the house to someone other than their spouse.  Under most circumstances, you can’t do that in … Continue reading

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What if the husband cuts the wife out of the will? (Part 2)

Last time we talked about what can happen when a husband leaves a wife nothing under a will.  We explained Florida’s Elective Share Statute. There is another aspect to this; what happens if the deceased spouse leaves the house to … Continue reading

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Landlords: Don’t take partial payments when you’re evicting someone.

Just got off the phone with potential client; landlord, who gave three day notice on commercial lease for nonpayment of rent; but then they told me that they had accepted a ‘partial payment’ for the month; in other words, less … Continue reading

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