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Liability of a revocable trust for estate debts in Florida

There is some confusion out there regarding revocable trusts in Florida; for some reason some clients think that a revocable trust will not have to pay money owed by the person who died. This is incorrect.  Florida makes revocable trusts … Continue reading

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Florida does not register guns

Florida has no gun registration. Nor does Florida have any gun licensing requirements.  This issue comes up in one of three ways; either someone has moved to Florida and brought guns with them, or they’ve moved to Florida and want … Continue reading

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Real Estate Closings in Florida

The Villages is ever expanding, and is still selling new homes at an incredible rate. And of course as retirees die, or move out of The Villages, those homes come onto the market. And, very frequently, those houses are being … Continue reading

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Why a Corporation Might Not Protect Your Assets

I listen to satellite radio, and there’s all sorts of advertisements for “incorporation services”.  Invariably, one of the selling points is that by incorporating you can “protect your assets”. There are several types of “limited liability entities”, basically setting up … Continue reading

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How to Contest a Will in Florida

I get contacts from potential clients from time to time about “contesting a will”.  Someone does not like what a will says and wants to hire a lawyer to fight the will. There are three basic lines of attack on … Continue reading

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How much is this going to cost?

Frequently, I get phone calls asking about the price to do a particular type of work.  Sometimes I can quote a price, usually subject to some sort of caveat.  If the question is what do you charge for a will, … Continue reading

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How to “Undo” a Deed

Sometimes a person will make a deed and transfer ownership of property to a family member. This is usually in a misguided attempt to do some ‘estate planning’; instead of talking to a lawyer about their options, the person simply … Continue reading

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Probate Costs in Florida

Probably the most frequently asked question I get is “what will it cost to probate an estate” in Florida? The answer depends on what is involved. There’s basically two areas that affect how much probate costs; the actual costs and … Continue reading

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