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Why a Landlord might be better off without a written lease

Normally, I encourage people to use written contracts for legal matters; some transactions, in fact, are unenforceable without written contracts; such as agreements for sale of property, and sales of goods for more than $500. In most circumstances, written contracts … Continue reading

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Liquidated Damages Clauses

When someone breaches a contract, the contract may provide for “liquidated damages” in a set amount or to be calculated in a certain way. The most common example of a liquidated damages clause is in many real estate contracts; the … Continue reading

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Contracts, and what to do when they blow up

Today, I’m talking about contracts, and remedies for breach of contracts. This may be a bit arcane and seem outside the scope of my usual posts; but I’m planning on a couple of posts regarding breach of contract; specifically, contracts … Continue reading

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