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Terminating rental agreements and Evictions for violations of rules and leases

I just had an eviction hearing.   I represented the landlord, who was trying to evict a tenant for non payment of rent, and also to evict the tenant for not following the lease and the rules of the mobile home … Continue reading

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Sumter County, Florida, Commissioners Defamation Lawsuit

I don’t usually discuss politics; and I’m not going to discuss politics in this post; but I do want to discuss just a tiny bit about the First Amendment. Judging by news reports: Sumter County commissioners to file defamation lawsuit … Continue reading

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Mobile homes, manufactured homes, modular homes, and mobile home parks in Florida

I do realize, not everyone can afford, or even necessarily wants, a full sized 3 bedroom 3 bath Ranch home in The Villages.  One popular option is a mobile home.   There are some technical differences between a Mobile Home … Continue reading

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Florida Do Not Resuscitate Orders or DNRs’

From time to time I get questions from potential clients about Do Not Resuscitate orders; typically they have cancer or heart disease or are on dialysis.  While I do draft both Health Care Surrogacies which allow someone else to make … Continue reading

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Advice to the New Law Student, or One L.

First, let me make clear this has absolutely nothing to do with my usual topics; estate planning, probate, or trust litigation.  And, this post is not directed at my usual markets; individuals seeking probates, wills, estate planning, I’m not going … Continue reading

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LLC’s and Asset Protection in Florida.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, limited liability entities, including Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Corporations may not provide as much protection as people think.  While all of these entities theoretically provide individual protection from corporate acts for individuals owning … Continue reading

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Florida does not recognize “No Contest” clauses in wills.

Florida does not recognize “No Contest” clauses in wills. Sometimes people want to put in a “no contest” or “in terrorem” clause in a Florida will. A no contest clause says that if someone who is a beneficiary under the … Continue reading

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Planning for a second (or later) marriage

Very frequently, retirees moving to Florida are either single, or at some point, wind up single, whether through divorce or widowhood. And then they meet someone new. And sometimes the other person is formerly married as well; having been through … Continue reading

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Selling the Collection

A recurring situation in probate is where the parent had some sort of “collection” and the children want to sell the items. A lot of times, the parent would talk about the collection and raise the children’s expectation of the … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Man

We’ve got just over a week before Christmas and this is my annual Christmas thoughts post. Sometimes, just after the holidays, I get phone calls from potential clients who want to make changes in their wills. This is usually caused … Continue reading

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