Florida Do Not Resuscitate Orders or DNRs’

From time to time I get questions from potential clients about Do Not Resuscitate orders; typically they have cancer or heart disease or are on dialysis.  While I do draft both Health Care Surrogacies which allow someone else to make medical decisions regarding your health and whether or not to resuscitate, and Living Wills which instruct medical personnel, under some circumstances, to withdraw life support and not to resuscitate you, a Do Not Resuscitate Order is a bit different.  A DNRO is a medical order and in Florida it must be signed by a Florida Licensed physician, in addition to being signed by either the patient or their representative (i.e, legally appointed guardian or health care surrogate).  This is not something that can be done on your own; it is essential that it be signed by your doctor.


In addition to which, it must be printed on yellow paper;  once executed, it can be copied, but if it is copied then in order to be legally effective, it must be copied on yellow paper. If the original or the copy is not on yellow paper then medical providers are not required to honor it.


Here is a link to the Florida Department of Health website discussing DNRO’s in Florida:



which in turn has a link to the form itself.


If you are interested in a DNRO for yourself or a loved one, it is essential to talk to a physician; the physician will discuss your wishes and the consent of the physician is essential to an effective DNRO.


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