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LLC’s and Asset Protection in Florida.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, limited liability entities, including Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Corporations may not provide as much protection as people think.  While all of these entities theoretically provide individual protection from corporate acts for individuals owning … Continue reading

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Why a Corporation Might Not Protect Your Assets

I listen to satellite radio, and there’s all sorts of advertisements for “incorporation services”.  Invariably, one of the selling points is that by incorporating you can “protect your assets”. There are several types of “limited liability entities”, basically setting up … Continue reading

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Landlords: Don’t take partial payments when you’re evicting someone.

Just got off the phone with potential client; landlord, who gave three day notice on commercial lease for nonpayment of rent; but then they told me that they had accepted a ‘partial payment’ for the month; in other words, less … Continue reading

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