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New Florida law on “Pay on Death” accounts after divorce

Florida has long had a law partially revoking a will upon divorce; if someone has a will naming a spouse as beneficiary, and they get divorced, Florida treats the ex spouse as though they died before the other spouse.  Florida … Continue reading

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Asset Protection for New Florida Residents

Florida has very strong protection for debtors; debtors are people who owe money. In addition to protecting your personal residence from being taken, Florida has no estate tax or inheritance tax, provides heightened protection for property held by a married … Continue reading

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Protecting your Assets from the Other Guy: Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Florida

Car accidents are a fact of life.  No matter how good or careful a driver someone may be, there is always a chance that they’ll be involved in an auto accident.  And while cars are much safer nowadays than in … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements In Florida

So, you’re getting married.  You’re in love, your spouse-to-be and you have set the date, sent out the invitations, selected the menu and you are all set. Maybe not. Depending on your assets and that of your soon-to-be-spouse, you might … Continue reading

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Why go to a Lawyer for Estate Planning?

Why go to a lawyer for estate planning? There are certain people who advertise estate planning services, who claim to do estate planning and some who, even though they don’t openly advertise estate planning, do what amounts to estate planning, … Continue reading

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