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What if someone who died out of state owned property in Florida?

A lot of people who do not live in Florida own property in Florida. Sometimes it is a vacant lot bought in anticipation of building a home when they retire; sometimes it is an actual house or mobile home or … Continue reading

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What do people fight about in probate? Part 2

Last time we looked at fights over “Stuff”. Normally those fights are fairly trivial, the dollar value of the items is minimal. This time we’re looking at fights over who can be Personal Representative, which is what Florida calls Executors. … Continue reading

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An overview of how probate works in Florida

I spend a fair amount of time meeting with potential clients explaining how the probate process works in Florida. And I realized, I don’t actually have a post on the Florida probate process. So, here it is; a very short … Continue reading

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Choosing a Personal Representative

One of the things you have to do when drafting a will is to choose a “Personal Representative”, which is what Florida calls an Executor. The Personal Representative is going to be responsible for hiring a lawyer to probate the … Continue reading

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