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What to do when a loved one dies, Part 1

Last time we looked at what can be done when a loved one is dying; depending on the circumstances, it may range from simply waiting to doing some last minute estate planning. What do you need to do after a … Continue reading

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Liability of a revocable trust for estate debts in Florida

There is some confusion out there regarding revocable trusts in Florida; for some reason some clients think that a revocable trust will not have to pay money owed by the person who died. This is incorrect.  Florida makes revocable trusts … Continue reading

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Do I have to pay my fathers’ or husbands’ bills from the life insurance?

I get phone calls from people asking about “pay on death” or “transfer on death” accounts.  Usually, a parent has died, and named one or more children as a beneficiary on a bank account or an investment account or life … Continue reading

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