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The Tangible Personal Property List- What happens to your “stuff” after you die

Florida allows the use of a ‘memorandum’ or ‘separate writing’ to leave ‘tangible personal property’ under a will. But, there are a couple of wrinkles. First, the will must refer to a written statement or list of property; most lawyer … Continue reading

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How to Contest a Will in Florida

I get contacts from potential clients from time to time about “contesting a will”.  Someone does not like what a will says and wants to hire a lawyer to fight the will. There are three basic lines of attack on … Continue reading

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What if my Husband left the house to his children?

One issue that comes up occasionally is where a spouse, usually a husband, owns a house by themselves and their will tries to leave the house to someone other than their spouse.  Under most circumstances, you can’t do that in … Continue reading

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What if the husband cuts the wife out of the will? (Part 1)

Sometimes, a husband will leave a wife nothing under a will; or a wife will entirely cut out her husband from a will. While Florida law does not prevent one spouse from leaving the other spouse nothing under a will, … Continue reading

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Thomas Kinkade and his hand written will(s)

The artist Thomas Kinkade, the fellow who did all of those paintings of cute little cottages, died this spring. Now, it appears as though his estate is in an absolute mess. http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_21158511Artist Thomas Kinkades Lawyers File Appeal Against Girlfriend Long … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements In Florida

So, you’re getting married.  You’re in love, your spouse-to-be and you have set the date, sent out the invitations, selected the menu and you are all set. Maybe not. Depending on your assets and that of your soon-to-be-spouse, you might … Continue reading

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Why go to a Lawyer for Estate Planning?

Why go to a lawyer for estate planning? There are certain people who advertise estate planning services, who claim to do estate planning and some who, even though they don’t openly advertise estate planning, do what amounts to estate planning, … Continue reading

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What’s a Will?

I had a phone call some time ago, from a potential client.  He was asking about what he needed to draft a will.  I explained to him the requirements for a will in Florida. He said he had videotaped his … Continue reading

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