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What happens if the medical provider doesn’t honor the familys wishes?

The Orlando Sentinel has an article about a lawsuit where a hospital and nursing home ignored a do not resuscitate order: Lawsuit raises issues about end-of-life wishes I haven’t seen the lawsuit and I don’t know how likely it is … Continue reading

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Avoiding Probate on the House

Frequently, clients think that a revocable living trust will avoid probate in Florida. As I discuss here: Why revocable living trusts usually won’t avoid probate in Florida A revocable living trust can actually trigger a probate in Florida; particularly if … Continue reading

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Nursing Homes, Medicaid and Homesteads in Florida

A very common question from potential clients has to do with nursing homes and homes.  Specifically, what happens if someone has to go into a nursing home; does the state ‘take’ the house? I understand that in many other states, … Continue reading

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