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Dividing up the property

Maybe you are divorced and you and the ex spouse are co-owners of some real property. Or maybe you and your brother both inherited Dads house.  And now, one of you wants out; one of you wants to sell and … Continue reading

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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples, Part 1

Sometimes, for whatever reason, people form relationships but are unable, or unwilling, to marry each other. Nonetheless, there is a loving relationship there, and they want to make provision for each other. The problem is twofold; first, if they are … Continue reading

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No, No, Nanette, You can’t turn off the electricity just because they’re not paying the rent

Last time, we looked at a landlord who allegedly took a bulldozer to a mobile home over a dispute with the tenant. Obviously, that’s not a real good idea. But sometimes landlords will try to use other methods to get … Continue reading

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Bulldozers and Bundles of Sticks

In the local news, a landlord allegedly used a  front end loader to evict tenants from a mobile home. Angry landlord crushed mobile home while tenants fled, deputies report Attempted murder charges filed over eviction rage. Bulldozer Eviction Arrest Orange … Continue reading

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