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What do I do if I find my father had a gun?
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What do I do if I find my father had a gun?
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My father died, I went into his house, and he has a gun. Should I turn the gun over to the police?

Under most circumstances, No. Frequently I will have potential clients call me up and say they found a gun, they took it to the police and asked if the gun is registered in Florida. The police told them that the gun was not registered, and they turn the gun over to the police.

Strictly speaking, what the police are telling them is absolutely accurate, and perfectly misleading. Florida has NO gun registration: Florida does not register guns. So, of course, if you ask a police officer if a gun is registered in Florida they are being quite truthful in saying it is not registered; what some police agencies will leave out is that the reason that the gun is not registered is because we don't have gun registration in Florida.

Now, I do understand that people have different comfort levels about guns; some people do not want anything to do with them and are afraid of handling them. However, as I note in my answer about personal representatives, the personal representative has a duty to be fair to everyone. One of those duties is not to needlessly waste assets of the estate. While most guns are not terribly valuable, nearly all guns have some value and even if all one does is sell the gun to a gun dealer you will not be wasting the estate assets.

If, on the other hand, you are the sole beneficiary and are uncomfortable with guns, and wish to turn the gun over to the police, you can.

If you have specific questions about the legality of a particular gun you should consult with your attorney to determine what should be done with it.


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