Things to know about Florida Homeowners Insurance

If you have moved to, or are moving to Florida and buying a home, there are certain things you need to consider about homeowners insurance. Florida’s insurance commissioner discusses many of these issues here:

Homeowners Insurance Overview

Including mold coverage, law and ordinance coverage, limitations on personal property coverage, replacement cost versus cash value, market value versus replacement value, and additional living expense. I’m not going to repeat the information here, the insurance commissioner does a fine job explaining the basics.

Other things to consider are hurricane deductibles, which our insurance commissioner discusses here:

Residential Coverage Hurricane Deductible

Hurricane surcharges, discussed here:

P & C General – Current Assessments and Recoupment Surcharges

And how to choose an insurance agent and what to do if you can’t find insurance

Insuring Your Home

I will say that our state government is very good about providing information to consumers; if you have questions that aren’t answered by these pages, please feel free to contact my office in Summerfield, conveniently located near The Villages.

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