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Today, April 16, is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

I just received a visit from the local Hospice organization, Hospice of Marion County.

Hospice of Marion County

Which is a very good organization.

I strongly encourage clients to set up some sort of preplanning for their healthcare; as I note here

Living Wills and End of Life Care

And here

What you can do when a loved one is near death

A health care surrogacy and living will are very good ideas.

To be blunt: I charge for these documents; I do think my charges are modest, and affordable by most people. And my documents are specific to Florida.

Nonetheless, I do recognize that some people may not be able to afford documents, they may not be willing to spend money on documents, or they simply are not willing to come in and see a lawyer.

Here is a link to a very popular “national” living will, the Five Wishes will.

Five Wishes Online

I personally, don’t use this as it is a national form, and I like to tailor mine to Florida; nonetheless, if you are unable or unwilling to see an attorney to have a comprehensive plan put in place, I would strongly encourage you to consider at least completing a Five Wishes living will and providing copies of it to your physicans and family.  I would still suggest that if you want a living will or health care surrogacy and you are in or around The Villages Florida that you should call my office.

Not having these documents in place can lead to tears down the line. Please, by all means, even if you aren’t willing to see a lawyer, consider what this may mean to your family.

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